Spring Campout 2022

In early April of 2022, Owasso Pack 840 ventured to Greenleaf State Park for our Spring Campout! For Ian and I, this was our first real tent-camping experience outside of our own backyard. We are typically more of the RV-camping persuasion, however we had a great time in our tent and spending time with the pack.

Enjoying lunch after setting up our tent.

After arriving and setting up our tent in the typical Oklahoma spring wind, we settled in and had some lunch and the kids spent some time playing games and familiarizing themselves with the campground. This included some free time to just be kids outdoors, and some more organized activities put together by our leaders.

The Webelos headed into the woods for short nature hike to identify some plants & trees.

In the afternoon, the Webelos adventured into the woods for a short hike to identify some plants & trees they’d learned about during prior den meetings. Each of the kids took a turn at leading the hike, and we circled back to camp in preparation for an exciting evening.

Back at camp, the Scouts took some time to recover from the hike, and we started to gather at the campfire for dinner, skits, and even got to participate in ceremony of retiring an American Flag. After some more games and stories, we all settled back into our tents for an eventful evening amongst the Oklahoma storms!

Ian and I got some lantern chess in before calling it a night!

While we had a stormy evening, everyone made it through safely (and mostly dry). The next morning we had breakfast together and loaded up our tents after a fun-filled and successful Spring Campout!

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