Adventures in Science

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences • Tulsa, OK

I am Jared, the Webelo (4th Grade) Den Leader.  Our scouts had many adventures this year in scouting.  One of the most popular was at OSU Medical Center visiting a real laboratory.  Our Scouts met with Dr. Champlain for a close up look at how medical professionals are trained.  We saw some high-tech robots that the students work on, and learned about how infectious diseases are studied in a controlled environment. 

“I liked the lab visit and the medical robots at OSU Medical Center.”


 We also had a chance to see a number projects currently in construction, and received a glimpse into the distant past.  The premise of the visit was to satisfy requirement 2 of the Science Adventure.    We are winding down our year now, and looking forward to a spring campout.  

“The biohazard room at the OSU lab was my favorite.”


I also asked our scouts what their favorite adventure has been this year.  

“The lab was fun, we even got to see some dinosaur bones”


“Racing… I like the Pinewood derby and building my car”


“I like dodgeball and Ga-Ga ball at the weekly meetings, and the air rockets”


“I liked collecting edible plants on the campout”


“Swimming at Spavinaw Creek was the best”


“I liked selling popcorn and cooking out at Spavinaw Creek”

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