Aquatics Camp – Summer 2022

The views at & around Z-Base are spectacular!

We had an amazing time at Aquatics camp at Zink Ranch’s Z-Base. We had tremendous fun but also learned so much along the way. Which I believe is the hallmark of Scouts! We learned how to observe water safety on so many levels. Whether it’s swimming, canoeing or even how to conduct ourselves on a motor boat; it was all covered. 

We started with swim tests on the first day. It was a great way for Oliver to gain perspective on his strengths and weaknesses in the water while receiving advice from a veteran life guard. 

Me & Oliver enjoying time in the canoe.

The second day we took to the lake for some canoeing! We walked through how to control the vessel in and out of the water, what to expect and how to properly fit our life vests. Oliver and I carried the canoe roughly 100 yards to the lake. He was a bit worn after that but amped to get on the water. Once familiar, we ran a few races and had some free time to explore.

From there we had a tour of the lake on a pontoon. Oliver and the other boys took the down time to talk and take in the sights. There is actually a lot of history beneath the water as Skiatook Lake is man-made. Who knew there was a NASCAR test track at the bottom??

Our accommodations at Z-Base.

Fishing was next on the list. Though there weren’t any catches to speak of, the boys had a great time to goof off a bit and enjoy each other on the dock. 

After lunch, Oliver learned about life saving water skills in the pool.  We saw first hand how to recognize when someone might be in trouble, how to confirm this, what he can do to help and when it’s time to get help if he cannot. 

Through all this there was plenty of free swim time including a climbing wall at the deep end! I think Oliver really surprised himself with how far he made it up the wall. I was proud how well he took the 100 degree heat we faced without much complaining. Definitely stayed hydrated the whole time! Our shelter was rough compared to what he was used to but again, he did not complain. It was an amazing trip and Oliver is looking forward to more of them in the year to come!

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