Fall Campout 2022: Fun At Spookaree!

This year we camped at Cub World on the John Zinc Ranch.  Our council hosts a fall campout they call the spoo-ko-ree.  It’s a great place to get the whole family out and experience cub scout camping at a really nice facility.  This year there were over 800 campers.  We headed out early Saturday morning and arrived at the ranch gate at 7:30 am.  We drove for what seemed like miles through the ranch before arriving at our campsite.  Once we had set up camp and arranged our gear it was time for assembly and opening flags.  After wards the scouts get to experience archery, bb gun shooting, survival of the apocalypse, flag retirement etiquette, pumpkin painting, and scavenger hunting.

We shared a food resembling substance in the mess hall, before setting up for the evening campfire.    Scouts had some time to explore the pirate ship and the boulders after diner, where they found a brown tarantula. 

The evening campfire was a good time.  We heard jokes and skits from the different packs and camp staff.  They even let me sing a goofy song.

Sunday morning bright and early we had pancakes and sausages, coffee and hot chocolate with our Pack before heading up to the fire bowl for Sunday vespers. After that it was break camp and head home.  The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone had a real good time. 

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